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Promotional “Premium Partner” Offer – (SFT)

SFT is now offering the opportunity to advertise your destination on, the #1 source of spearfishing travel in the World.

Once listed as a Premium Partner, the following details will be featured on your own personalized SFT website page…to be seen by spearfishing & fishing clients Worldwide:

Name, website address, phone, location info, summary notes and direct email contact via SFT, so clients Worldwide will learn about your services before considering other offers.

- Diving Conditions Summary.
- Difficulty Level Summary.
- Boat & Accommodations Info.
- Picture Gallery.
- Best time to visit.
- Additional activities, special trip & tour programs, video links, etc.

Also included is the opportunity to announce trip openings, special offers and trip reports. These may be posted BOTH on the site or listed in the bi-monthly newsletters, which are sent to over 4,000 spearfishermen Worldwide. We also provide assistance in booking spearo groups, as well as sending leads for spearos looking to join existing groups, last minute openings, etc.

In addition to the above, SFT is active in many Worldwide websites and forums (we are now Spearboard sponsors), we have partnerships with various magazines and manufacturers, and are #1 in Google search results related to Spearfishing travel.

While SFT has been listing destinations for free since 2007, we are celebrating our 5-year anniversary by upgrading the site, entering new partnerships and providing a better overall service (plus, we need to cover basic costs to keep offering trips, information and travel planning to the Spearfishing community).

Please review the Premium Partner promotional re-launch prices, which are offered during a limited time only and include all of the above:

- Yearly fee: $179
- Two (2) years: $229
- Three (3) years: $289
- Lifetime listing: $369

These are VERY competitive rates, if you consider that the market value of a promotional mailing to such a large specialized website costs more than the lifetime listing (or that just 1 group booked via SFT should recover your investment).
Here is an example of the marker rate of similar site, which costs $500-800 per year just to be listed:

Besides the large database of almost 4000 Spearfishing clients, SFT is active in several websites and forums, partners with magazines and manufacturers, and is #1 in google search results related to Spearfishing travel.

Send us a message HERE to inquire about a listing.

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